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    The OpenVMS Hobbyist Program is a program from HP and OpenVMS engineering that enables OpenVMS enthusiasts throughout the world to obtain OpenVMS Operating System Licenses and over 100 OpenVMS layered products for their VAX, Alpha or Itanium hardware for Individual use and education.
    The PersonalAlpha software lets you run your Alpha/OpenVMS Hobbyist software on a standard Personal Computer. PersonalAlpha can be installed on personal computers that run Windows XP.
    Frontier Computer Corp. maintains a large inventory of HP, COMPAQ and DEC systems, spare parts and related items.
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    In the Beginning!
    OpenVMS Battle Shark!
    (both make great wallpaper for your PeaSea) OpenVMS Theme for your iPAQ
    (right click on link then select Save Target As... save file to your desktop then copy to the windows folder on yout iPAQ using ActiveSync)

    (Sorry, could not resist this one ;^})
    "The Infamous Electric Pickle Experiment"

    The World According to Intel®...

    "The Intel® Itanium™ processor is the first in a family of processors based on the new Itanium architecture. The Itanium processor was designed from the ground up to meet the increasing demands for high availability, scalability and performance needed for high-end enterprise and technical computing applications."

    Intel® Itanium™ Architecture Software Manuals

    Three options are presented here to provide you with the opertunity to obtain the Intel® Itanium™ Architecture Software Manuals.

    1. You may obtain bound copies of the Intel® Itanium™ Architecture Software Manual, by calling Intel's literature order center at 1-800-548-4725 and requesting the following Order Numbers:
      • 245317-002 for Volume 1
      • 245318-002 for Volume 2
      • 245319-002 for Volume 3
      • 245320-002 for Volume 4.
    2. Download all of the Intel® Itanium™ Architecture Software Developer's Manuals in one ~10MB zip file.
    3. Finally you can download the Intel® Itanium™ Architecture Software Developer's Manuals individually utilizing the following links:
    In addition, the document below is an update to the specifications contained in the Intel® Itanium™ Architecture Software Developer's Manual Volume 1-4. It contains a compilation of specification changes, specification clarifications, documentation changes and does not cover errata descriptions.

    NOTE: This specification update contains an updated Chapter 7 (Performance Monitor Events) from Volume 4 (SDM rev.1.1) from above and completely replaces it's contents.

    Intel® Itanium™ Processor Hardware Developer’s Manual

    The Intel® Itanium™ Processor Hardware Developer’s Manual provides an overview of the Microarchitecture, System Bus, Data Integrity, Configuration and Initialization, Test Access Port, and Integration Tools for use while designing systems with the Itanium processor.