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Help us present more interesting meetings focused toward you, our membership, by telling us what you would like to hear more about. Your ideas are welcome and encouraged!

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1. General Areas of Interest

Please identify your general interest areas. Check all that apply.

Operating Systems Networks Special Interests
OpenVMS DECnet Databases
Unix TCP/IP Security
Windows NT NetWare Software Development
System Management Network Management Vendor Announcements (new products and services)
System Performance Net Performance Vendor business practices
Migration Integration Scientific Computing
Real-Time Net Migration Java

2. Specific Topics

These are some of the specific topics offered by other LUGs. Please check any that you would like to see in a Cactus LUG meeting.

Operating Systems

The future of OpenVMS
All Unixes are not created equal

System Management

Hot Applications that are solving traditional problems
Managing a Multivendor Enterprise
Building a telecommuting environment
Workstation interoperability


Data warehousing
Which Raid level is right for your application
Storage solutions for a multivendor environment


Network Design for 21st Century Computing
100BaseT and beyond


Building a secure computing environment


Building an Affinity between your disparate computing environments
Middleware - Writing portable applications that are hardware & operating system independent
Building an integrated messaging environment


Java is more than a cup of coffee
Where are you on the Internet? - from static pages to electronic commerce
The new multimedia - graphics packages that are cheap, easy and wow your internet users


Graphical Information Systems
How to transition stove pipe graphical systems

3. Other Topics

You can suggest additional general or specific topics here.


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