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The DECUS Cactus LUG currently serves all of Arizona. Joining the DECUS Cactus LUG will get you the always popular bimonthly Newsletter snail mailed to your door informing you of current LUG activities. In addition, for those of you in the fast lane of the Internet, you can also subscribe to either of the Cactus LUG email lists where you will be online with other LUG members.

The Cactus LUG offers two email list services:

  1. Simply receive list subscribers messages.
  2. Both send and receive list subscribers messages.
Subscribe to either (subscribing to both would be silly).


Commercial messages and spamming are not permitted. The LUG’s email list administrator may revoke the capability of any subscriber to send messages to the list, without warning and without specifying a reason.

The email list is intended as a forum for networking and computing questions on the local level. It will also be the center for online general local information, such as upcomming Cactus LUG meeting news, and interesting or relevant tidbits from National DECUS.

We encourage all members to participate fully in the email list forum by:

If you wish to ask computing questions without posting to the email list, please send email directly to Erik Basilier (, briefly stating the area of expertise that you seek. Erik will then scan the membership list for members that have stated a willingness to help in that area. He will then send you email about how to contact people willing to help.

If you wish to Change your Address information or Unsubscribe from the list, you must send email to Erik Basilier ( or fill out one of the forms provided on this page. Posting to the list will not do the job. However, we would like to encourage you to post your address and job changes to the list. This will help your Cactus LUG connections keep in touch with you.

Of course the best thing about getting connected with the DECUS Cactus LUG is that you get all of this FREE!

To Subscribe or Change Current Information

Please provide the following information. Rest assured that we never make this information available to any other companies without your permission.
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General Areas of Interest

Please identify your general interest areas. Check all that apply.

Operating Systems Networks Special Interests
OpenVMS DECnet Databases
Unix TCP/IP Security
Windows NT NetWare Software Development
System Management Network Management Vendor Announcements (new products and services)
System Performance Net Performance Vendor business practices
Migration Integration Scientific Computing
Real-Time Net Migration Java

May Cactus LUG members contact you for help in your areas of interest? Yes No
If yes then how?


Do you have any general comments about the Cactus LUG?


Alternatively, send a message to Erik Basilier (

To Unsubscribe

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