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Help us present more interesting meetings focused toward you, our membership, by telling us what you would like to discuss in the coming year.

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Topics of Interest

Please check the top five (5) topics you would like to have discussed at the Cactus LUG meetings this year.

Web Hosting - eBusiness, Apache Server, etc.
Unix - Tru64, Linux, SCO Updates
Clusters - OpenVMS, Tru64, Tandem, Windows NT, SCO, ServerNet
Networks - Advanced Server for OpenVMS, TCP/IP, DECnet, etc
Application Development - DECset, Developers Tool Kits, Enterprise Toolkits, etc.
Hardware Update - Wildfire, Prolient Servers, Interet Appliances, Mobile Devices
Database - Oracal, Access, Sybase, etc.
Training - Compaq/Microsoft Certifications
Realtime Applications

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